Karma: The Smart Habit Tracker 🎯

A new way to track your online and offline habits from your browser.

We made a new page chrome extension to motivate our small group when we open our browser. It works, so we wanted to share it with the world.

Introducing Karma ✔️

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For Firefox use this or Opera use this and Install Karma

Toggle between your habits easily

Click ✅ Done whenever you accomplished your target /habit.

Click on the habit name to toggle between habits.

It’s 100% FREE as long as you stick to your habits

Every time you delete a habit, you have to lose credit. If you are okay with your life bottled up and always seeing that thing you never did each day it’s going to hurt.

Track your online habits easily

Your online and offline worlds are no longer differentiable. Nowadays our online and offline habits are almost always the same. If you add an URL of the website you want to track, Karma will track that for you. So you can check

  1. how much addicted you are to social media
  2. how often you do work related task by adding it’s url and tracking it. If you are a YouTuber, track YouTube.com

FYI you can track offline habits also.

Toggle between Day and Month view

You can view tasks done on daily basis on hours or monthly basis on the date. This can help you :

  1. If you have some morning ritual of opening email or social media, karma will expose those spaces for you. Which you can use to spend time with your family or on side projects like Karma xD

Karma is being actively developed view changelog here


Most habit trackers fail because the user can delete the task whenever he/she feels like. We end up erasing out our mistakes.

Erasers are an ‘instrument of the devil’ which should be banned was an article that influenced us. The act is simple when we use an eraser we try to erase our mistakes. Well, life ain’t like that. If we make mistakes we end up paying for them. So here you can create tasks and if you ever want to delete them, then you have to pay. As long as you are doing your habits you don’t have to pay. You are free to restart again, but that’s running away from problems.


We also provide motivational quotes curated from motivate to motivate you. And random high-quality wallpapers from Unsplash for a pleasant browsing experience. One of the sites that motivated me to do more was GitHub, due to its heatmap, so it’s influenced by it.

We’re still students in college. We’re making Karma on our own without funding or outside support. We’re real people, we’re not a soulless corporation out to steal your money.

The extension is very lightweight and won’t slow up your browser, I hope. But if there are any bugs please feel free to reach out to me I’ll try to fix it within a few hours.

Karmanye vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana

Created by Gautham Santhosh, Ananya Agrawal and Esha Jaiswal

We am working on a customer feedback tracker visit https://www.featuremonkey.com/ which is a great alternative for canny, hellonext, uservoice which can be used for feature request tracking , internal feedback, public roadmap etc

Maker 🚀 Student 🎓