Human language is broken, ambiguous, and outright bad. Bare with me.

Languages are a way we created to express ideas in a way that didn’t exist before.

Imagine a baby crying — you don’t know why he is crying, is he crying due to hunger, pain, not being able to see his mother. It’s confusing.

So to express ideas in a better way, we created human language.

But it was born at a time where humans were just planning stupid. It is wildly ambiguous — meaning a sentence can mean different things being read by different people. One could argue this makes it artistic and beautiful. You know what also does it do — it makes us inefficient. This is one of the reasons why computers are more efficient in certain tasks than humans. The computer language has proper Grammer and unambiguous. …


Gautham Santhosh

Maker 🚀 Student 🎓

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