Feature requests shouldn’t be a burden. As a team, you deserve an easy way to get user feedback and prioritize what to build. Feature Monkey lets you quickly create an online feedback channel for your customers, prioritize feature ideas, collect structured user stories and manage them with ease.

Unlike Uservoice, We’re a simpler, affordable and more flexible platform for you. We cut out all the unnecessary features so you can start working immediately, and we don’t make you jump through any hoops to get started.

But, it’s not just the cost — determining how much you’ll actually pay for UserVoice…

Build what your users actually need using feature voting.

featuremonkey.com and canny.io are unified platforms to collect, analyse, and act on customer feedback. Turn feedback into features while sharing your product development journey with your users.

Feature Monkey is a customer feedback tracker, to help maintain a central place for feedback collection, user notification, roadmap planning, and team collaboration backed by affordable pricing, easy to onboard, and features that actually matter.

Canny is an expensive, complicated tool, having large set of features you won’t actually ever use, all backed by a length onboarding process.

Collect feedback in your own terms

The following is feedback in canny

Human language is broken, ambiguous, and outright bad. Bare with me.

Languages are a way we created to express ideas in a way that didn’t exist before.

Imagine a baby crying — you don’t know why he is crying, is he crying due to hunger, pain, not being able to see his mother. It’s confusing.

So to express ideas in a better way, we created human language.

But it was born at a time where humans were just planning stupid. It is wildly ambiguous — meaning a sentence can mean different things being read by different people. One could argue…

Please tell us about yourself: Introduction

Hi, I am Divanshu Garg. I am an alumnus of IIIT Allahabad from 2015 batch. I obtained my bachelor's degree from the institution majoring in Information Technology. After graduating from college, I worked as a Software Engineer at Google Sydney for more than a year. Presently, I am working in a similar role at Google, Mountain View. I am enthusiastic about learning new technologies and building anything cool using them. I am particularly interested in machine learning, competitive programming and Android development.

What was your first impression of the college?

The first day at college is always a memorable event for anyone and IIIT Allahabad made it even…

We’ve seen colour put into monochrome stills, silent movies being empowered with voice, and languages being translated with a single look. What paradigm-shifting innovations do you believe Deep Learning has in store for us all?

I hope that AI will help us to develop new medicinal techniques and green energy technologies.

Ian Goodfellow

Secondly, what do you think is underrated? These could be techniques that are not so well known or just ones that work well but aren’t popular/trendy.

Numerical stability. Very few people emphasize getting this right, but it has a large effect on the performance of deep learning algorithms. I…

When I was in high school (SFS Ettumanoor), we had this computer lab period. It was one of the most boring, no internet, sitting solving boring C++ questions.

The nerd in me stood among the few in this brave but short period of time, for we had found something that understood us more than humans — code. While others stood there crying in agony about the horrors of not even understanding the question.

The teacher had no idea, she had the networking on, so windows have this concept of shared files. …

A classifier is a machine learning model that is used to discriminate different objects based on certain features.

Microsoft - Weed out fake marketing leads.

MS wants to connect with potential customers, our marketers and sellers.

people fill out online forms with fake names, gibberish, or even profanity.

Spam detection

A text can occur in a span or not so using a simple text detector will be bad.

But we can use the number of occurrence of each word in spam or not.

Hence we calculate probability of a word in spam

A new way to track your online and offline habits from your browser.

We made a new page chrome extension to motivate our small group when we open our browser. It works, so we wanted to share it with the world.

Introducing Karma ✔️

Discuss on Product Hunt

For Firefox use this or Opera use this and Install Karma

Click ✅ Done whenever you accomplished your target /habit.

Click on the habit name to toggle between habits.

List of most commonly asked questions on stack overflow about git.

How do I undo the most recent commits in Git?

by Mark Amery

Undo a commit and redo

  1. This is what you want to undo.
  2. This leaves your working tree (the state of your files on disk) unchanged but undoes the commit and leaves the changes you committed unstaged (so they’ll appear as “Changes not staged for commit” in git status, so you'll need to add them again before committing). …

source tendermint.com

Byzantine-fault tolerant state machine replication. Or blockchain, for short.

This is the first things you see when you open the Tendermint website. Odds are you already know what a blockchain is, It’s the technology which powers Bitcoin, Ethereum and other decentralized coins you heard of. The basic premise is that people can make applications in a decentralized way, and you can write in any programming language you prefer. Maybe you are confused so let’s back up a bit.

Tendermint is epic fast. Unlike others, you can send thousands of transactions in a second. …

Gautham Santhosh

Maker 🚀 Student 🎓

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